Aid for a Wizard (Yanille)

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Aid for a Wizard


I heard the sound of the doorbell, as the Grand Secretary I made my way to the ringer. There were three figures waiting for me. The man on the left wore blue that had streaks of gold and white. On top of that, he wore a cuirass of gilded steel and in his hand was a banner that displayed a shield with the holy symbol on its center. The woman in the middle appears to be the leader. She was positioned exactly to meet me. The creature on the right was extraordinarily tall, and had the girth two to three men. In fact, I didn’t think it was a man at all. It was ogre sized, and had green skin pigmentation. It resembled the verdant, bipedal creature at the Ardougne Zoo, but this one was armored. Still, I greeted them.

“Welcome to the Wizards’ Guild, how can I help you?” 

“Good morning, I am Morgiana and I have an appointment with the guild master.”

As this woman spoke, I felt a warm sensation. Her sultry voice was like a fine wine. EVIL WINE. I could not help but pay close attention to every word she had to say.

“Ah, yes. Please come in. He’s been waiting for you.”

I opened the gate. Morgiana followed me in, but the other two stood outside. We passed through the apprentices and traveled the stairs to the guild master’s office.
“Welcome, liberator of the arena. Please have a seat. I understand you have a proposition for me. I’ve heard about your dealings with the Colonel, and I’m happy to hear that the Aegis will be adding their lot with the defence of Yanille.”

Morgiana sat down, then she turned her head to look directly at me.

“This one stays?”

“He’s my Grand Secretary. He stays to listen in for the paperwork.”

Morgiana nodded her head for a couple of seconds and returned her attention back to the guildmaster.

“The Aegis humbly ask for your assistance, guildmaster. We require your mages to assist our endeavours. Specifically, we need their help in researching magical lore. I believe the island of Karamja contains lost mysteries and unearthed secrets. The broodoo is a relatively unknown form of necromancy that has been plaguing Tai Bwo Wannai for some time. With the help of your mages, I believe the lost art can be rediscovered.”

“You said it was necromancy. Why would you want to dwell in its studies?”

“Knowledge is knowledge. Understanding the darker arts gives us a greater understanding in combating it. It’s better to face a known enemy than an unknown one.”

The guildmaster look at me.

“I see…Grand Secretary, please send a message throughout the guild. Anyone who is adventurous enough has my leave to accompany the Aegis in their endeavours. See to it that they’re also given proper equipment for magical research.”

“Yes, guildmaster.”

He returned his gaze at Morgiana.

“I hope this agreement becomes fruitful.”

“Undoubtedly it will.”

They shook hands, and I escorted her out of the guild. Her escort was disciplined enough to wait for her, and upon leaving the door they went off. I went off to do the guildmaster’s bidding.

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