The Day They Savoured Liberation (Camp Khazard)

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The Day They Savoured Liberation
A story from the perspectives of two warriors


A day after the Raid on Fight Arena, Brother Rowan and Lady Morgiana sat beside the Servils while having a picnic. The Servils' son, Jeremy, was very interested to know about their deeds. Hearing his request, Rowan began his story.

"That day... Yesterday was indeed a good day, Jeremy."

Rowan paused, then continued his story.

"Just before dawn broke, a small army of brave and gallant Kandarian troops were ready to take on Khazard's forces. Sir Fortacus, a heroic paladin, and I led our forces. We decided to divide the army into two: the left, led by Sir Fortacus while I lead the right. We offered our prayers to Saradomin as we prepared ourselves to fight and hoped that something good comes out." 

"The sun rose up and the sound of the horn announced our presence. Hearing that we are here, the bad Khazard men were rattled and panicking that they prepared in haste. As they were doing so, Sir Fortacus' army marched, taking on one division of soldiers. We followed after, fighting bad guy after bad guy." 

Another pause for a breath, then he continued.

"Of course, the bad guys never thought of giving up. The evil General Khazard summoned more troops to overwhelm us. They were many, that many, that I feared our army being overwhelmed. Despite their sizable force, we still stood strong and mighty like trees; we still fought and fought... and waited and waited for some sort of miracle to arrive." 

Wizard Morgiana continued the story while Rowan decided to take a short break.
“It was a gridlock. The two armies looked evenly matched until my auxiliary forces from Karamja made landfall. I was able to recruit the largest tribe of jogres with the promise of a new land to wage war on, and Zamorak’s most powerful warriors to satiate their battlelust.”

Morgiana sipped her drink.

“It was carnage. Rowanius’ forces held them firm, the Khazard army was so fixated on eradicating them that they ignored their rear. And like a pickaxe smashing through stone my army crashed upon them. Have you ever seen a jogre rip a man in two? It was a fascinating sight." 

"This jogre drops his club, and grabs this poor Khazard archer’s arms. He proceeded to tear this man in opposite directions. I remember seeing the shock of the enemy. They’ve quarreled ogres before, but these jogres fought with untamed savagery. We found ore deposits south of Tai Bwo Wannai, and our smiths were able to forge enough armour to outfit the vanguard."

She finished her drink.

“Now, you may be wondering how I transported these lumbering engines of destruction. I told them to build boats. They were crude, but the rafts were surprisingly buoyant, and could bear the weight of multiple jogres."

Morgiana stood up to leave the table. She returned with an strange looking dish.

“This is called a karambwan. I’ve experienced the exotic palette of the Karamjans, and the flavour of this dish is most excellent. Try it.”

The mage offered those seated a taste.
Rowanius continued the story. At this point, Jeremy seemed excited.

"Thank Saradomin that our plan worked! The Khazard soldiers were then split into two. Not for long, the Khazard forces were severely demoralized that a number of them surrendered to our forces. Also, our forces were able to free the slaves; some of them joined the fight."

"With my forces and hers completely surrounding the camp, a pissed-off Khazard stormed out, desperately trying to save what was left of the camp. Sure, he's tough and all that for he wiped out a number of troops when he came out, but Morgiana and I dared fighting him head-on, at least to make him retreat or surrender." 

He took a sip of the drink Morgiana gave him.

"Acting as her shield, I made sure that Morgiana here had time to prepare a magical attack she painstakingly practiced by creating a holy barrier protecting the both of us while my forces attempt to prevent him from directly attacking us. When the spell was finally ready, she released it on Khazard. It was a success! Khazard was impacted by the blast."

"Knowing that it was pointless to resist at that point, the warlord became frustrated that he suddenly vanished in thin air. The rest of the troops fell in their knees while some who resisted were slain by the Kandarian forces." 

He then took a bite from the karambwan. It tasted weird for him at first, but it was good.

"Before the sunset came, I climbed up the highest point of the Arena and planted the banner of Saradomin on it alongside the coat of arms of Kandarin. We all shouted "Saradomin Victa!", followed by a "Kandar Victa!" by Sir Fortacus, to signify our victory." 

"The battle was indeed the most challenging so far. We had injuries that day, but in the end, we saved the day. Right, Morgiana?"

Morgiana nodded.

"And here ends our tale, ladies and gentlemen."

It seemed that the Servils, especially Jeremy, enjoyed the story. Suddenly, Jeremy found inspiration in the two people he met.

"Wow! You really inspire me to be a hero!" 

"Indeed, you will be one, Jeremy. Just think positive, be hardworking, be loving to your friends and family, and one day, you will have the bearings of a hero."

"I'll keep that in mind, Brother Rowan." 

Lord Servil then asks Morgiana.

"So, Lady Morgiana, what about the Fight Arena now? Surely, it is no longer Kandarin's nightmare, is it?"

"No longer will they fear the Khazards again. That day... was the day the Aegis had their due."

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