The Aegis Will Have Its Due (Ardougne Monastery)

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The Aegis Will Have Its Due


“To be having a drink with a warpriestess of Saradomin herself! I might have arranged party preparations had we known you were coming to honor us with your presence, Dame Nydia.”

“If anything I'm honored to see you, Brother Omad. Entrana might have rekindled my faith, but it was here that you and your monks showed me the way, when you brought me in from the storm.”

“A... ahh! You are indeed that stern mercenary woman! Goodness, how long has it been?”

“About ten years. Not that I'll ever forget the day. How like nature to be a more fierce opponent than any Khazard trooper will ever be. I would have died had you not rescued me that night, if not in person then most certainly in spirit.”

“And such a story it makes! A bold young woman adventurer delivered from a deadly storm by the Lodestar. And now she's become the finest champion Saradomin could ask for! I might have to make an account of it. Why, such exploits might warrant a feast day, being so inspirational and all.”

“Hah! Perhaps I'll make time for such a biography, if my life can truly serve as an example to others.”

“Even so. Still, something about what you said...”

“Does something trouble you, Brother?”

“Well, since you mentioned Khazard's men, it reminded me of how these past few months have seen the monastery visited by men and women seeking shelter from their raiders. The war with the gnomes has been at a standstill for years, but lately it seems more Khazard troops than usual are prowling the roads for slaves. No doubt for that barbaric arena of theirs, built for their delighting in throwing helpless innocents to their beasts and brutes.”

“How like those damned Zamorakians to prey on others as though it were their birthright... My apologies, but it seems I must cut our reunion short.”

“Where will you go, if I might ask?”

“I must speak with Highlord Helbrecht at once. Such atrocities cannot go unavenged, and the Aegis will have its due.”

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