Karambwan (Tai Bwo Wannai)

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“This dish is scrumptious, you must introduce me to the chef who crafted this masterpiece. I must compliment him personally.”
“You like it? My son cooked the meal for us, I know he’d be honored to hear your compliments.” I turned to yell outside the hut. I wanted him to hear me. “Tiadeche, come inside! Our guest would like to speak with you.”
He came in excited, it wasn’t everyday an outsider came to talk to him.
“You wanted to speak with me?”
“Ayy. Every bite I take out of your creation brings an explosion of flavour inside my mouth. I’m impressed, not even the greatest cooks of the mainland can spring such emotion in me.” She finished her meal, it was picked clean. “What do you call it?”
“We call it the Karambwan. The fishermen fish it up in the river north of here. The secrets of fishing them weren’t taught to us until a friend showed us.”
“Interesting. Would you two be be interested in expanding your Karambwan operations? I have an idea for a restaurant that serves exotic Karamjan cuisine, and I want the Karambwan to be its signature dish. I’ll call this restaurant ‘A Friend.’”
“Interesting indeed,’ I replied, ‘but what will that do for us?”
“In return I promise to task a number of my soldiers to assist your village in the cleanup.”
Morgiana extended her hand, and anticipated my handshake.
“That sounds reasonable enough. I’m sure my son would be happy to assist you in preparing the Karambwan.”
I shook her hand, and the deal was made.


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