Purging a Long-Standing Undead Threat (Shilo Village)

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Purging a Long-Standing Undead Threat


"Hey, Mosol!" 
I looked at the direction of the sound, it was one of the foresters.
"What now? Do you want to get into the village again?"
"No, I have good news to tell you."
He was certainly excited. His was filled with energy and his face was showing glee.
I crossed my arms and raised a brow. 
"You going to offer me a discount on wood again? I told you, I don't need it."
"No, it's not about wood either. Soldiers in blue have arrived off the coast, some in their number claim to know how to fix your zombie problem."
"Really now? That's not the first time I've heard that. Do you know how many times we killed them? Too many to count. They always come back later, harassing us. Most in the villagers have accepted them as village life."
"These guys are different, just you wait."
The forester ran off, probably to chop more wood. 
I thought to myself, "Different? We'll see."

Hours passed, day turned into night. I heard the night predators growling throughout the jungle, the monkeys howling at the moon, and the undead ones moaning. The night sky was cloudless, the stars were shining as bright as ever. In the distance I saw lights. They appeared to be torches. As the torches grew closer, I started to hear light marching. The marching was accompanied by loud metal clangs that disrupted the serene jungle ambiance.
"This must be them."
The group stopped marching. One of them came up to me, and with loud voice said, "Hello, good sir. We heard you have a zombie problem, and we're willing to help."
"My apologies, my name is Morgiana. I assume you're Mosol Rei?"
"Correct. Follow me, the undead ones are just past through the gates."
I signaled them to follow, but they didn't move.
"What's wrong, thought you wanted to help?"
"We will, you just have to allow us sanctuary in your village."
"That's not up to me, ask our village leader."
Morgiana extended her hand, gesturing me to lead the way. The group of armored men stayed outside, I guided her through the shamblers and into the village. Unsurprisingly, the village elder was there to meet us.
"Mosol, who is this? Why are there armored men in the vicinity?
I inhaled, and prepared to come up with an explanation, but the envoy spoke before me.
"My name is Morgiana, friend. I assure you we mean no harm, in fact, we've come to assist you on zombie menace. All we ask in return is sanctuary for our order."
She reached out her arm, expecting my village elder to shake it. He looked sceptical.
"I'd like to know more about your order, please come into my home. We have many things to discuss."

I waited for about two hours, it was close to morning. Both of them came out of the house shaking hands, and the envoy signaled me to guide her back at the entrance. What deal could they have struct? Was it more than sanctuary? I trusted my elder, so I led her back to the entrance. Morgiana ordered the armored men into a circular formation. They blocked my view of her, all I could make out was that she was drawing something on the dirt. She spoke a few, faint words and some series of oddly shaped objects rose from the ground. Morgiana spoke louder, but it was in a tongue I could not understand. As soon as she was finished I heard a series of thuds from the direction of the zombies. I rushed over there, curious to know what was happening. As I arrived the zombies were immobile, what looked like their spiritual essence was leaving their bodies and travelling towards the sky. I have never seen this before.
I turned around to find Morgiana and her soldiers marching towards the village. She stopped and turned to me.
"It's done. They shouldn't be bothering you anymore."
She continued on her way towards the village. I thought the zombies would return in a day or two, but surprisingly they stayed down, they were immobile as if they were truly dead. Morgiana announced that they've been sent to the afterlife, and it was safe to conduct their final rites. Looks like I have to find a new job. 


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