A Ray of Hope (Witchaven)

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A Ray of Hope 

A short letter by Brother Rowan to Dame Nydia. Written 26 Raktuber, (Year unclear) of the Sixth Age

To my fellow sister,

Ah, Witchaven. Once a bustling village for fishery, it is currently facing the hard times. Even after the supposed threat of the Sea Slugs which an unknown adventurer was able to thwart , the people could hardly return to their settlement's former glory being prominent in fish trade. That... has changed when I had a meeting with the current mayor, Eustace Hobb, which I was able to arrange on a whim. I had to leave the administrative matters in Al Kharid to my close companion named Abou; after all, I have to help a dear fellow sister who did a great job securing ties with the Crown of Ardougne, don't I? Good job there, Sister Nydia.

Normally, I would be writing journal entries in detail. However, as I am feeling a bit feverish as of this writing here in Witchaven, I'll cut to the essence of this log: Basically, we agreed that we will send a few of our artisans of the Order to help in the rehabilitation efforts to restore Witchaven to what it was. Some of them include the restoration of a number of buildings, the construction of better roads, and the improvement of fishing techniques for the fisherfolk. In return, the inhabitants are ought to provide victuals for our Order through the bounty of the sea.

I conclude my entry here. May Saradomin be with us always. 

P.S. Please pray for my speedy recovery, Nydia. 

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