In These Uncertain Times (East Ardougne)

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In These Uncertain Times

Written correspondence, Sir Edmond to Dame Nydia Garland


Dame Nydia,

In light of your order's acceptance by the Ardougne City Council, I have been tasked with providing you with a thorough rundown of the city's economic and military assets, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the Aegis of Saradomin thereabout. As per the council agreement, the existing militia will remain under council control for upholding public safety. Your order is hereby recognized as having suzerainty over the Holy Order of Paladins, as per the status of the Aegis of Saradomin within the church. Morale and recruitment have unfortunately been flagging among their ranks since the death of Sir Hugo, but their training methods are top notch, and the City Council expresses confidence that under your leadership, the Paladins will best any man in the field for your cause. We suggest focusing your recruitment efforts on the myriad adventurers and mercenaries of renown that often pass through our city, as no doubt the more pious of them will be interested in heeding the call.

No doubt the Aegis of Saradomin intends to establish profitable ventures to support its cause. Our markets are the busiest in Kandarin, and some investment in local industries of forestry and mining may prove to have returns. Wizard Cromperty is the only authorized magician outside of the much-vaunted Mages' Guild in the kingdom with access to the Rune Essence, should you so require it. Given your order's immensely generous donation to the city coffers in these uncertain times, business of all sort should be expected to improve. Indeed, it's almost as though the city were awaiting your arrival, delivering us into a new chapter beyond our troubled recent events.

You will have my continued support for any questions or advice necessary as the Aegis adjusts to its unique position in the city. The best of luck in all yours, and our, endeavors.

-Sir Edmond

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