Together, We Will Walk the Path (Kharazi Jungle)

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Together, We Will Walk the Path

Headline article for the International section, Varrock Herald, 11th Raktuber (Essianday Edition):


Remote Jungle Tribe to Enter Foreign Trade Relations

KARAMJA – Grand Exchange price indexes for exotic woods are expected to decline modestly in anticipation of new suppliers from the jungle continent, as tribal peoples from Kharazi Jungle in the deep south of Karamja have entered formal agreements with the outside world to cultivate and export the region's vast natural resources. The Kharazi tribe, only recently made contact with through the famous expedition by members of the Legends' Guild, has been reached out to in this case by members of the Aegis of Saradomin, a recently formed military order established on Entrana.

“We've heard reports of the remote corners of Karamja having been used as prisons for powerful demons during the days of the God Wars,” said Dame Nydia Garland, the representative of the new Aegean expedition to the jungle. “The Legends Guild has done an immense measure of good for these people by defeating powerful demonic threats that tormented the innocent locals, but a number of smaller threats remained lingering in the area. We've agreed to help the people drive out the demons in exchange for establishing the latest in forestry practices in the area. We hope to establish a mutually beneficial relation for the people of Kharazi Jungle and the broader world through this cooperation,”

When asked about the prospect of missionary activities in the region, Dame Nydia's response was one of measured, but optimistic, restraint.

“Saradomin asks no one to kneel before him against their will,” she replied. “However, as duly appointed bearers of his charter, we take pride in sharing with others that all people of all races are welcome to join with Him in His plans for a better future. Together, we will walk the path to salvation and lasting peace and prosperity in uncertain times.”

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