Jungle Warfare (Karamja Jungle)

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Jungle Warfare

Roland stepped into the verdant jungle of Karamja after disembarking from the Shipyard the Aegis recently bought. A band of knights, priests, and missionaries followed closely behind him. The sails from his small fleet of ships disappeared behind them as they embarked further into the wild.

Roland has been on many travels from his days as a soldier for hire, but of Karamja, he had only traveled to Brimhaven and Musa Point. This world was completely alien to him, he had heard stories of the uncivilized men as well as the savage beasts that live within his confines. But he sought to keep up the appearance of a knight with unmatched bravery throughout the world, he traveled onwards, regardless of the sinking feeling in his gut.

After some hours of traveling, the sun began to set and he and his companions set up camp in a clearing. Sometime into the night, the camp awoke to the sound of the guard dogs barking. Each knight woke up in a flash and grabbed his weapon. "Jogres!" yelled the lookout before he was stepped on by a hulking green mass of muscle and fat. The beasts let out horrible shrieks. "GOD OF SHINY LIGHT'S PUNY WARRIORS, YOU DIE NOW," bellowed what appeared to be the head Jogre. There wasn't enough time for the knights, Roland himself included, to don their armor. Most fought in their pajamas and even undergarments, putting them at a severe disadvantage. Luckily the knights had the advantage of numbers as the Jogres seemed to only be a party of five. Two were taken immediately by a swarm of arrows by the force of archers, making a loud thump the beasts hit the ground.

One of the three remaining Jogres swung its club and took out a fraction of the archers, the rest scattered to regroup and form another firing line. Roland led the swordsmen to battle the remaining three. They began swarming the first beast and hacked and slashed at its stubby legs, it let out a cry and collapsed in pain.(edited)
Roland ran up to its head and ran his greatsword between its eyes and through its skull; it shrieked for a moment as dark green blood ran down it's face, and then went limp. Only two Jogres remained. 

The knights surrounded them like wolves hunting two large grizzlies. "Would've thought your brains would be harder targets to hit, you can't be packing much up there!" said Roland as he taunted the Jogres. Some knights noticeably groaned. One Jogre raised its club to crush the knights, but was immediately struck by a flying spear in the back of the head, instantly killing it upon impact and collapsing. The head Jogre, the last and largest remaining of the party of five scanned the horizon, as did some of the knights. Another spear struck the behemoth in the belly, it angrily pulled it out and yelled out, "SHOW YOURSELF HUMANS". Out from the woods ran a small band of men, bellowing warcries, dressed in nothing but loincloths, carrying crude spears and wooden shields with strange face-like markings all over them, they had dark skin, ranging from a light brown to jet black. They joined the knights in surrounding the foul creature. It was immediately hit by a volley of arrows and spears, bruised and bloodied, it fell over and collapsed.

Every man, both the knights, and the odd primitive men all took a sigh of relief. "Thank you," said Roland as he went to shake the hands of one of the tribesmen, though he recoiled as Roland outstretched his hand. Roland tilted his hand in confusion. "Do you speak our language?" He asked. The tribesman called out to the woods, "Tamayu!" He called out. From the crowd of tribesmen came a man with dark skin, a red headband and face paint, and wore a long brown robe. "This must be Tamayu," thought Roland. "We thought you were other Karamjans from the distance, we've been having problems with the Jogres as of late." Roland looked down and noticed he was only in his underwear, as were most of his men.

Roland and the other knights blushed. "Erm, yes, I see why you would think that."

"State your business here," said Tamayu. "It's not often men of the west travel past Brimhaven, and all too often to they bring suffering to the people of Tai Bwo Wannai and Shilo Village."

"We mean you no harm," stated Roland as he held his right hand up, his palm open as a symbol of peace. "We simply wish to bring you the word of Saradomin." The priests and missionaries came out to check the casualties, healing the wounded and piling up the dead in preparation for burials.

Tamayu's face turned sour. "The last time men of the mainlands brought their gods here, Shilo village was overrun with zombies. Their foul Zamorak tricked their wise woman Rashiliyia and cursed their dead."

"You misunderstand," said Roland. "Zamorak is an evil god, a hated enemy of our lord Saradomin. It's no wonder he tricked them; it's in his nature. Lord Saradomin wishes to bring light and wisdom to the world. The people of Karamja have suffered too long under the pirates and Zamorakians."

Tamayu simply looked at them quizzically. "Karamja is not a place for your gods to fight their wars. If you are true, then go fix the zombie infestation of Shilo Village, south of here. An adventurer already destroyed the source many moons ago, but many still remain. Until you have proven your God's benevolence to us, stay away from Tai Bwo Wannai." He headed off north into the jungle as did the other hunters.

Roland looked downtrodden as he looked upon his fallen men, and thought on the situation.

"Set up a small lumberyard after the proper funeral rites have been performed, we head south later."

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