The Aid of St. Elspeth (Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede)

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The Aid of St. Elspeth 

A Letter to the Abbess of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede


Strength through Wisdom, 

We, the Order of the Aegis of Saradomin, as protectors of holy sites dedicated to His Holy Name in which the role the former Knights Aegean were tasked to do, would like to request for your acknowledgment of our presence in the Kharidian capital and, in conjunction, would like you to provide us invaluable aid of any kind. Any help you may provide for us, small or big, will be greatly appreciated as such will help us in our mission. 

We hope for your kind response. Thank you very much.


Brother Rowanius Vendragon

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-A reply by the Abbess Benita to Brother Rowanius- 

Strength through wisdom, Brother.

In the spirit of oneness under the divine protection of the God of Order and Wisdom, we humbly acknowledge your presence in the city. We do solely acknowledge the potential good that your military order will bring, especially to us as this Abbey where the Citharede Sisters reside has become a shelter for Saradominist pilgrims. 

However, it is worthy to mention that we, the Sisters of St. Elspeth Citharede, do not wish to directly involve in your military affairs as we are as monastic as the brothers in Entrana. (You know that, Rowan, don't you? I know Brother Stantius well and how he trained you well in your childhood days.) Despite that, we are happy to provide you with indirect support. A number of our Sisters are trained medics; thus, we can lend you a hand with that in case some of your members fall ill or injured while in the line of duty. The Abbey's gates are always open for your needs, Brother.

We hope to be in touch, face to face, soon. Saradomin be with you always.

Abbess Benita

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