Just What is Needed (Al Kharid)

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Just What is Needed

Written response, Emir Ali Mirza to Nydia Garland,


Dame Nydia,

On behalf of the people of Al Kharid, you have our gratitude for your order's generous investment in our docks, as well as related business ventures of export for our city. I have considered your proposal of a common defense league closely, and while your goals as per your order's founding charter are indeed noble, and our city faces trying times with instability on the continent both north and south, I hesitate to involve my people too closely in such alliances amid certain internal affairs I cannot disclose in this letter. 

I shall however, approve of your construction of a chapter headquarters for your order in this city, and you may use it to manage your investments and affairs as you see fit. I trust from our meeting that you are a woman of fair and honorable character, but all the same I must remind you that you and your soldiers are to respect the laws of the city as they apply to any other inhabitant. If your men can manage this, and I see no reason why they would not under your leadership, you can count on us becoming fast friends and allies indeed.

I imagine your order will wish to contact Abbess Benita once you've settled in. Our city has long had relations with Saradominists via Citharede Abbey, and I imagine she'll be thrilled as the prospect of an influx of faithful pilgrims and prospective applicants from abroad. I'm informed that they've recently seen a decline in such applicants due to unusual circumstances of their own, and perhaps such an influx of newcomers as your order represents will be just what is needed for the good of the Order of Saint Elspeth Citharede.


To future friendship and propsperity,

Ali Mirza, Emir of Al Kharid

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