We All Thought it Daft, but.... (Karamja Shipyard)

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We All Thought it Daft, but...

Diary excerpt of a worker, Karamja Shipyard,


About time our luck came around again! We've been stuck here in the middle of nowhere ever since the operation's shut down. Most of us were just brought on with promises of good pay and long term work. How were we supposed to know we were hired to build ships for some daft gnome's plan to take over the world? Was wondering why the decks on the one boat we did get done were always so short. I'd have settled for cramped quarters too, if I had known we would be shut down and the one seaworthy vessel around for miles would be stolen by pirates. Some lads tried braving it through the jungle to get to civilization. Probably got eaten by those ogres or something.

Most of us were thinking we'd be stuck out here forever, but by Guthix, we managed to wave down a passing ship today! They never come this way due to the shipyard being the only port for miles and miles, and no one outside knows about the place. They moor at our docks and out come a bunch of professional looking soldiers. Saradominists from the looks of it, lead by this woman. Says they were investigating the coast for pirate hideouts and the like when they saw us. Charitable sorts too, being that she immediately offered us a ride to the mainland when we told her our story, but it was after that that things got real interesting.

We could all get out of here no questions asked, but after looking around the place for a bit she was curious if any of us wanted to work for her instead. Says they could use a new port for bringing resources from the jungle to market. Given how long we've been stuck here we all thought it daft, but when she offered to pay the back wages of anyone who would take her up on it, got a number of boys thinking. Personally I could use a long vacation someplace far, far away from here... but if the pay's right and the new owner not some megalomaniac tart, maybe I'd come back after a while.

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