Chapter one: Undeads

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The undeads are for the most part once living being, brought back through the use of dark magic, they can spread this corruption through various means and are a menace not to be underestimated.


         - Zombies are the most common of undeads for they can spread their curse with the living with as much as a bite, once the flesh of the corpse meet the blood of the living the only hope is death. Being dead they are able to withstand large amounts of damage while striking devastating blows, as long as the brain is kept intact they will carry on their grim purpose. Severed zombie heads have been sighted biting careless hunters while their entire body was destroyed, if encountered one must aim to destroy the brain by any mean necessary. Fire is an efficient way of dealing with them as are bolts and blunt weapons. It is important to note that zombies lack coordination and are sluggish at best as such they can be trapped easily or stopped with simple obstacles as long as said obstacles cannot be destroyed easily.



        - Skeletons make the backbone of most necromantic troops, though not as tough as zombies they show coordination and can act as a group with frightening efficiency. A large amount of skeletons have been noted to have maintained a portion of their former self and can use skills and even magic  they used in their old life. A skeleton's bones must suffer large damages to be stopped or the magic must be cleansed from it's body or else it will simply reassemble if given enough time. If one is trying to escape from a skeleton he must keep in mind that it will not stop until the target is dead and that traps and obstacles based on agility will be crossed easily. Strong acid, heavy weapons or explosives are a weapon of choice in the case of skeletal foes.



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