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Population: 6.4 Million 

Capitol: Varrock 

Military Strength: UNDISCLOSED 

Naval Strenth: UNDISCLOSED

Currency: Crown (Gold, Silver, Copper) 

Real-world Equivalent: Imperial England/Germany 

Government: Total Monarchy 

Age: 459 

Denonym: Varrockian 

Anthem: "Fur Varrockia" 

Primary Language: Common 

Varrockia is a large and prosperous nation ruled by a King and Queen. 
As of the 1, 6A Census, it's population is reported to be 80% Human, 5% Elven, 
4% Werewolf, 7% Dwarven and 3% Other. Despite this diversity, there is a noticeable amount of institutional bias towards humans. The large majority of leadership within the kingdom is comprised of either humans or human/other hybrids. 

In addition to this, human rights within the kingdom are relatively dismal by today's standards. While some members of Royalty or the Nobility may seek to change this, the general consensus among most is that the strong prevail over the weak. In some of the more rebellious provinces, the Kingdom's law is enforced with an iron fist. 

Varrockia has a very large military and is relatively technologically advanced. It's powerful navy allows for acceptable force projection around the globe.

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Varrockia has a sizable amount of land claims. A common saying is that 'The Sun never sets on Varrockia'. A brief description of the Kingdom's provinces is below: 

Province One - The Crownlands 
Capitol: Varrock 
Major Settlements: The Wilderness, Avenhelm, Sailwey, Ashford, Falsgrinn 
Military Stations: Fort Avarrocka, Fort Defiance, Camp Crescentia, Camp Forinthry, Camp Testudo 
Native Language: Common 
Terrain: Flat farmland and wide expanses of plains. Deciduous forests 

The Crownland is the most prosperous of all the provinces. In the sprawling city of Varrock sits the seat of the Crown. The Citadel is most commonly in this province. Varrockians from the Crownland are often viewed as pompous and servile, with the exception of the lower class commoners. The commoners from this area are hard-working and street smart, a product of being raised in the slums or Varrock's poverty ridden satellite settlements. People from the Crownlands often speak with a British-sounding accent. Crownlanders are of of varying race and complexion. 
Province Two - The Feyland 
Capitol: Edgeville 
Major Settlements: Gunnarsgrunn, Mordan, Pallentus, Gullan, Ice Mountain 
Military Stations: Castle Argent (Defunct), Fort Steadfast, Fort Brandywine, Camp Olaf, Camp Gunnar, Camp Dassault 
Native Language: Common (English) 
Terrain: Heavily wooded foothills. Coniferous forests. In the West, tall and snowcapped mountains. 

The Feyland is of great strategic importance to the Empire. Due to it's barbaric past and proximity to Forinthry, a large portion of the Crown's army hail from this province. Feylanders are generally accepted to be master foot soldiers and auxiliary troops. Province Three is the second-oldest province in the Empire. Feylanders are generally black of hair, green or blue of eyes, and short or stocky. A large number of Dwarves hail from this province. 
Province Three - The Near West
Capitol: Falador 
Major Settlements: Rimmington, Dark Wizard's Tower, Port Sarim
Military Stations: Fort Flamemount, Mudskipper Foreign Naval Station at Port Sarim, Camp Darius, Camp Foresight, Camp Knowing 
Native Language: Common (English) 
Terrain: Pleasant, deciduous forests and wide expanses of plain. Snow-capped mountains on the Western border with Isafdar.  

The Westerland is one of the most peaceful places in the kingdom. Not contested by war or crime, a large majority of it's population lives in relative peace. While sleepy, this province has little in the way of opportunity for it's inhabitants, and many of the younger generation opts to move in search of fortune or adventure. A large percentage of the Crown's sailors and soldiers come from this province.
Province Four - The South
Capitol: Lumbridge
Major Settlements: Draynor Village, Wizard's Tower
Military Stations: Fort Privilege, Camp Arthur, Fort Sweetness, South Point Harbor
Native Language: Common (English) 
Terrain: Similar to the Crownlands; vast farmlands and forest in the Northern section of the province with swampy conditions in the Southern sections surrounding the Kingdom's newest port, South Point Habor, in Lumbridge Swamp. 
Unlisted Territories
Disclaimer: Aside from the obvious places in Runescape, many of the military settlements are for role play purposes only and do not exist in game.
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