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Groups & Their Purposes

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Group One: 'Serpent' 
Task: Espionage 

Director: 'Umbra' (Whis)


Motto: 'Unseen, Unheard' 

Headquarters: 'The Store', Varrock, Crownlands 

Notes: Serpent is the oldest wing of the Service. It is estimated to have as many as 100 members, most of whom are undercover agents positioned in strategic locations around Gielinor for years at a time, feeding military and political intelligence to the capitol. 

Group Two: 'Wardog' 
Task: Direct Action 

Director: 'Lynx' (Tabaxar Ibori)


Motto: 'Who Dares Wins' 

Headquarters: 'The Kennel', Fort Avarrocka, Crownlands 

Notes: Wardog is the newest wing of the service, founded in the aftermath of the Elven War. Wardog recieves the third most funding of all the branches, and as such is very well equipped. They frequently operate in close cooperation with Group Four. 

Group Three: 'Orchestra' 
Task: Research and Developement 

Director: 'Conductor' (Hans Mordhaus) 


Motto: 'Through Hardship To The Stars' 

Headquarters: 'First Chair', Undisclosed, Feyland (Edgeville)

Notes: Orchestra is the most well-funded of the branches. It is also the largest, boasting over 1,000 members. It handles such technological feats as the reverse engineering of gnomic flight, high-altitude survival and the prototype rubium musket.


Group Four: 'Demon' 
Task: Air Operations 

Director: 'Aviansie' (Lucius 'Spin' Spinthwipple) 


Motto: 'Seize The Heavens' 

Headquarters: 'The Hangar', Fort Avarrocka, Crownlands 

Notes: The only branch of the service capable of mechanical flight. The Second-newest branch, and also the second-most funded. The majority of it's members are former Gnomic plots. 

Group Five: 'Purse' 
Task: Funding Acquisition, Economic Manipulation 

Director: 'Merchant' (James Felldew) 


Motto: 'All Is Fair' 

Headquarters: 'The Vault', Port Sarim, Tradelands 

Notes: Purse is a major player in the drug-smuggling and piracy industries. Ten percent of the Crown's funds are a direct result of Purse's clandestine methods. 

Group Six: 'Raven' 
Task: Internal Policing and Assassination 

Director: 'Crow' (Maeve Elasayd) 


Motto: 'Under Lock and Key' 

Headquarters: 'The Nest', Varrock, Crownlands 

Group Seven: 'Coven' 
Task: Supernatural Phenomenon 

Director: 'Havoc' (Xephyr Dewolfe) 

Motto: 'Into the Unknown' 

Headquarters: 'The Circle', Undisclosed



The High Director 

The High Director oversees operations of all six groups and is debatably the third most powerful individual in the Kingdom championed only by the King and Queen. The High Director has the authority to bypass the orders of the Royalty; this ability has been abused several times throughout the history of the VSS. 

The High Director does not disclose their true identity and therefore is referred to as only 'Director'. Likewise, their true appearance is always shrouded and each High Director appears as a number of different people when an appearance is necessary. However. the Director generally only communicates via commorb, letters, or surrogates. Below are the two most common personas of the current Director: 








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