Character bio: Mimring Ikol

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Character name: Mimring Ikol

Aliases: Khan of Goshima

Gender: Male

Race: Mixed blood human mahjarrat

Age: Around 700 years old

Birthplace: Frozen forinthry

Appearance: Mimring is rather tall, standing easily above 2m tall  while being rather thin with a pale skin which is hidden under ash grey make-up. His hair a distinctive dark green tied in a bun, small scars are criss-crossing on his skin. Usually dressed in dark colors, mostly grey or black formal outfits fitted to the eastern style when fulfilling his duty as Khan, he switch to either a black leather armor strangely similar to thoses of the death lotus modified to suit his needs along with a skull mask or a strange dark purple set. Mimring also own a suit of Guard uniform from the Kingdom of Varrock which is accumulating dust in his office.

Personality:  Silent and reserved, only speaking when his interest is piqued or when directly addressed, An overly careful planner while being incapable of putting a minimum of order on his desk. Dreadfully afraid of public speeches and public appearances or being the centre of attention of too many people.

Allegiance: ?

Equipement: Mimring always carries a large amount of weapons and equipements, some hidden some visible, however  the main base is composed of smoke bombs and explosives, acid vials, daggers, a tetsu blade inbued with necromantic energies and runes.

Goal: Immortality

Quirks: Mimring is a hound for forbidden knowledge, which can cause him to some reckless actions. Although he will never admit it Mimring actually find Cain funny.

Strength: Mimring handles ancient magicks with frightening efficiency, with a preference for smoke and shadow magic, Being a skilled necromancer he can summon and control a large number of undeads with little focus. Mimring is also proficient with hand to hand combat and bladed weapons using cheap tricks and deceptions to gain the edge. His favorite way of handling his opponent is summoning undeads to keep them busy while raining magic on them.

Weaknesses: Often being overconfident in his abilities, because he assume he can always rebuild himself with necromancy he often take unnecessary risks.

Social status: Khan of Goshima, he has grown attached to the island and to the soldiers under his command, and Master of the order of the Damned.

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