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Name: Tenebrae Eon
Alias: Yami Izrail
Clan: Wushanko Empire
Race: Avernic Demon (Fury)
Gender: Male
Age: Over 6000
Born: Year 42 of the second age
Birthplace: Senntisten
Residences: Senntisten (Zaros's throne room), Jaldraocht Pyramid (Primary Residence)
Appearance: If seen often in Zarosian Shadow Robes.
Personality: A bit unpredictable, Tenebrae has a mischievous streak to him, but can be deadly serious if needed to.
Alignment: Neutral
Allegiance: Zaros, Wushanko Empire
    Sunspear {Relic from a bygone age}
    Zarosian Shadow Robes/Praetor Armor {Unifrom from time as a Praetor)
    Ancient Staff {Gift from Azzanadra}
    Shadow Dragoon Armor/Spear {Currupted dragonrider armor, from prolonged exposure to the shadow plane, gift from the Zarosian Dragon Riders for his respect to the dragons}
    Completed ancient spellbook (previous goal), and the ancient prayer scrolls (curses)
Goal: Currently just observing the state of the world
NPC allies: 
    Zaros {God of inner balance and darkness}
    Azzanadra {Pontifex Maximus under Zaros}
    Nightingale {A formerly black dragon with mind reading abilities, that has adapted to the Shadow Plane}(#blamelali)
    Phantom {A shadow drake sent by Nightingale to watch over Yami}
Darklight {A bloodpouncer companion to watch over Yami, from Zaros}
Quarks: Ability to shadow walk (freely move in and out of the Shadow Plane), that was taught to him by Sliske
Social Status/Titles:
    The power behind rulers
    Praefectus Praetorio of Zaros (took over when Sliske got the boot)
    Spymaster of Varrock (former)
    Adviser of Wushanko Empire
Other Information: Married Raine Izrail.
Born in the Zarosian Empire capital city of Senntisten. Tenebrae trained under the Praetorius branch of Zaros's empire. After several missions working under Sliske, he raised up through the ranks and to gain his allegiance, Sliske taught Tenebrae to walk through the shadows to increase his effectiveness.One of his more notable missions included severance of the Icyenic city of Hallowvale, where he met Raine Izrail, an Icyene trainee, who was somehow able to sense Tenebrae even while in the shadows. After a while of toying with the young Icyene, the two had a few conversations, and upon realizing that Tenebrae was only after collecting information about there not being any attacks directed toward the Zaros Empire, Raine helped him see that her faction was not an enemy. The two got closer over the centuries, until the betrayal of Zamorak, and Tenebrae had to go into hiding.

After a few millennia, Tenebrae managed to return to his home of Senntisten, after the destruction of the vile city of Saranthium, and discovered a new kingdom had built over the ancient ruins. Tenebrae continued his work as an information collected under Prince Kite Sumane. On a subjugation mission under the tyrannical leadership of King Lali, who was attempting to dragon-nap an egg from it's mother, Tenebrae joined in and managed to soothe the mother's rage, and allowed her to watch over her offspring from the shadows.

Tenebrae managed to locate the Temple that Azzanadra had run, and got in contact with him in order to rebuild it and reestablish connection with Zaros. Following Zaros's instructions, Tenebrae assisted and reviving his lost leader.

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