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  1. The Arcane Conclave/Magic Council Origins The Arcane Conclave, formerly referred to as the High Council of the International Magic Council, is an organization that was built upon the most prestigious magical families that the world has to offer. Whether they were invited or one of the families that helped found the organization, there are some that have built reputation upon magical research and offer the information they have achieved to the Conclave, along with the pros and cons of achieving such works. The Magic Council used to be open to all levels of magic users to hone their skills and learn from prestigious families, however, over the years, especially when Ravendwel had been a High Council seat, they proposed that only those of some level of societal standing be accepted, let alone invited to the Magic Council. The Lower Council had some families prefer a form of filtration as to limit the amount of students present. Over time, families tended to absorb the loyalty of other families and the terms affiliated and unaffiliated became ways to label mages and even families. Normally, families of the Lower Council had sworn loyalty to families of the High Council in exchange for magical schooling and protection. The Affiliated mages are protected by the respected High Council while the Unaffiliated are known to have struggled and even drop out of the Council. Over time, the Council had truly been split between the High Council which had nine seats. These mages are either descendants of the founding families of the Council originally or of some extraordinary talent in a school of magic, where their skill is almost unmatched by most. Most members of the Magic Council have been human, and the only known member of the Council that is non-human is Byron Passel, a descendant of Balfour's family.
  2. Circ de Floral is a group built of former members of the Divine Vanguard who were to stop the organization's contract with Vincent, which was formed with Rauf, before the split off. The only member of the group is Violet who joined when the circus was traveling through Rellekka and abandoned the Arzoris tribe. Circ de Floral was founded by Duke Leonard Silvalent and Vatheza Lunete. Most of the circus' staff is comprised of former members of the Divine Vanguard who were also members of Shimmer Garde at some point. The others, such as general staff like those who run food stands and the like, are projects that they freed from the explosion of Vincent's laboratories that Rauf and Vincent had set up in Ardougne. The Divine Vanguard had split up into three when Vatheza blew up the laboratories to hinder Vincent's experiments. While Circ de Floral is not under Raine's command like the Divine Vanguard, they are allies to House Izrail in an effort to hinder Vincent's work. There are twelve notable members of Circ de Floral.
  3. House Izrail, despite being a larger family than the ruling family, helps defend Menaphos and the territories under the Empire. House Izrail is the umbrella house of several factions that operate within the Empire and there are many under the Izrail Banner, aside from the residing minor lords of Menaphos. House Izrail specailzes in magical defense and magical utility to help out the citizens. However, while there are members under House Izrail who do not specialize in magic, they have other talents and are protected under the House Izrail banner. While there are the Templar, Divine Vanguard, Shimmer Garde, Blood Striders, Silver Shields, and Arcane Legion under House Izrail, there are those who are not affiliated with the organizations and are a part of House Izrail's core members. The following are the core house members of House Izrail with no organization affiliation.
  4. Shimmer Garde is stealth ops faction of House Izrail. Shimmer Garde is actually the youngest faction and did not exist within House Izrail until Higashi Aneka stepped onto the scene. Higashi hails from The Lair of Tavi and Vinyl as a musician but is a skilled assassin. She mentored Ismenia when she was taken under Razael's wing as a Templar. Shimmer Garde is House Izrail's spy network and act independently from the Death Lotus Assassins of Menaphos. Many members of Shimmer Garde have every day jobs or unsuspecting roles within the manor. Members of Shimmer Garde are lent out to Rizenel's two noble allies of the Kharidian Desert Lords: Lady Kestha and Lady Sera as maids and butlers or the occasional entertainer from Menaphos. Higashi's second in command, Celosia, has been within House Izrail's ranks longer than Higashi. She voiced opposition that she was being passed up by a newcomer to the House but once her skill was bested by Higashi, she was willing to work with the musician. With the recent power shuffle within the House Izrail ranks, Celosia Vesper succeeds Higashi Aneka as the leader of Shimmer Garde.
  5. Rigel, Phineas and Renix brought back in the members of the Divine Vanguard. The Divine Vanguard are a team of alchemists and basically House Izrail's Research and Development squad. Their purpose is that they police the ethical use of magic in regions of House Izrail's influential sphere. Once upon a time the Divine Vanguard had been founded on the bases of researching magic and the study of anima under Lumina, but when she was promoted as direct officer over the other factions; Vatheza Lunete was Lumina's successor. Rauf Sadon the Protector, one of the Knights of House Izrail was assigned to be Vatheza's aide and protect her should any threats come her way. For a few decades the Divine Vanguard, under new leadership with Vatheza and Rauf it was fine, until Vatheza was caught by Balfour, Cerys and Garin Abelot, Lilexis' predecessor; selling the faction's research and secrets to the highest bidder. Rizenel, infuritated by this betrayal, confronted Vatheza and demanded she steps down. Vatheza, in response to Rizenel's demand, took the whole faction and separated from House Izrail for a stint of time. Where the organization's activities have deviated from the original purpose and started doing biological experimentation on anyone they can find or anyone that would not be missed. After some time, Rigel, Phineas and Renix had enough of Vatheza and Rauf and had been reporting the group's activity back to Rizenel, who in turn, allowed them to safely move through the desert and be reunified under the Izrail banner. Under Renix, Phineas and Rigel the Divine Vanguard still study magic and anima and how they effect the bodies of races, especially those gifted to use magic. They are also responsible for working with Ismenia, as alchemists devoting research into potent poisons, anti-poisons and antidotes. Many of House Izrail's clinical team do stem from the Divine Vanguard as Ismenia was in the Divine Vanguard first before being promoted to the Templar.
  6. The Arcane Legion is a magical research and experimentation faction, similar to the older functions of the Divine Vanguard, but on a magical scale. The primary purpose that the Arcane Legion has under House Izrail is they help with runic wards and research older magical languages. Most wards set up in the manor are because of the efforts of the Arcane Legion. The Arcane Legion's location is a very dense forest and they have obelisks set up around their building that cloak their location from far off, similar to that of gnomic illusion magic. In some political situations, they help kingdoms understand magical traps that may or may not have been set up for them. When the Divine Vanguard was under House Izrail, they, like the other factions, policed the faction's activities, but with the use of magic. While mostly magic from the Lunar books, to Ancient books and scrolls, and modern day variants. They even look into the form of magic that is gifted to the most devout priests and priestesses under the gods of the world. Primary contributors to their knowledge are the Eon family and the Izrails as well. They research religious and magical objects as they have some form of magic as well. They also are what supplies House Izrail with their runes, in turn supplying House Itsu as well, if need be. Races of the faction are mixed but gnomes and humans are the primary members. Some other factions frequent the faction when they are faced with a magical situation they cannot face on their own. The commander of the Arcane Legion is Cerys Wren, an elven outcast, picked up by Balfour on his escape from the Divine Vanguard. When the Divine Vanguard had sent some projects after those that escaped with Lilexis Eon, she was onsite at the Silver Shields and watched her fellow faction commander and captain get downed by the monstrosities that were unleashed. She had them restrained and taken to the Blood Striders and are kept there under heavy magical wards and spells to keep them alive, but unresponsive to most things. The Arcane Legion does not have any captains under Cerys, but they are open to taking in to upcoming magical scholars. The building of the Arcane Legion is a mix of elven and gnomic architecture. Which fits to the ambiance of the faction's location nicely. There are massive study halls for members to do research and empty warded chambers for members to practice magical experiments or spells of old. On the upper floors of the building are the residence chambers for the members and Cerys. Some older members have actually lost the need for sleep over the years.
  7. The Silver Shields are a group of knights under Rizenel's command. Garin Abelot was the leader of the Silver Shields and Balfour's closest friend when it came to military skirmishes. Garin Abelot, lacked the raw power that Balfour boasts, but was a challenge to bring down. The Silver Shields unwavering loyalty to House Izrail extends to Menaphos as well. When Emperor Dayan met the leaders of the House Izrail factions initially, he would have met Garin, but the military leader died a little after meeting the Emperor. When the Divine Vanguard was having a civil war and workers/families were trying to escape their range of influence; Vatheza, as far as she knew, had sent some of her monstrous creations after the traitors, Garin and Balfour were the first to respond to Lilexis' arrival outside Kazuto Manor. After seeking shelter inside the manor, Garin and Balfour had battled through the night to protect Kazuto Manor and while the monstrosities initially were not a threat to the duo, an experimental horror had been sent after Lilexis and was about to kill Balfour, when it subdued the werewolf. Garin, using his magical shield, blinded the creature, gouging out one of its eyes, but was struck by the attack meant for Balfour. Needless to say, Garin died that night defending Balfour and Kazuto Manor and Lily, feeling indebted to Garin for his sacrifice, took up his mantle and carries the Silver Shields with honor and pride. While she is loyal to the Izrails and Eons, she also pledged loyalty to Dayan of Menaphos and the Silver Shields work with the Imperial Guard protecting their home.
  8. This faction is the most dangerous under House Izrail's employ. Even with the Divine Vanguard still under House Izrail's wing, the Blood Striders tend to do the dirty work that needs to be done. The commander of the faction, Balfour Demerath is loyal to House Izrail and most of the members of the faction are made of convicts, often put into prison by kingdoms for mass murders. Most officers under Balfour, have mellowed out through the years, but when a hit is issued by House Izrail or the Empire, the officers are more than willing to see that the hit is successful. Balfour Demerath, himself, was one of the Divine Vanguard's first projects with Jamert Kaye. He runs the Blood Striders with a firm hand and keeps the officers in order. The building of the faction is a stronghold and houses prisoners of the Empire and House Izrail. Every so often, there are executions held there to free up a prison cell, if need be. The location of the stronghold is up north where the climate is cold and harsh. The stronghold has two sections which is the prison and then the building that is the residence of the officers and faction members. Despite the nature of the faction, the residence is nicely kept and homely. Under Balfour, there are three captains: Yunaesa Kelzana, an elven archer, Ronric Demerath, Balfour's younger brother, and Raith Giari, a snow owl Aviansie. All three are loyal to Balfour and help him keep their members in line. His immediate right hand of the Blood Striders is Kynthia Barald. The Blood Striders are often referred to as barbaric among those under House Izrail.
  9. The Templars of the Hallowed Sky are a faction lead by Razael Izrail that consist of the: Grand Master, The Architect, The Seer, The Treasurer, Seneschal of the Templar, Spy Master of the Templar, and The Strategist. The members of the Templar are directly officers of House Izrail that oversee the activities of the Divine Vanguard, Blood Striders, Arcane Legion, Shimmer Garde and Silver Shields. To rise up to the Templar, usually they are individuals who have shown great promise to one of the three Izrails. It has been years since there was a shuffle in power and an opening in the Templar was available. With Ismenia's retirement from Spy Master so she can focus on her work as the capital's doctor. She is succeeded by the leader of Shimmer Garde; Higashi Aneka as the Spy Master. The ranks of the Templar are kept from public knowledge and very few even within the government know the inner workings of the Templar. The Templar were established to keep order among the factions of House Izrail in the absence of the House's core members.
  10. House Kazuto is a household of a brother and sister that forged their familial background through magic and facades. The household is notorious for pursuing business ventures and funding various projects for the Empire. House Kazuto backs local businesses and even have some merchants under their umbrella that are loyal to them. In the past as the Butcher Commander and the Scourge of the Desert. They are a nearly unbeatable duo for reasons and legends have it that every time that they are met in warfare a fog will shroud the battlefield and very few live to tell the tale of the battle, which just consists of being shrouded in a thick mist. House Kazuto is settled in Jaleustrophos and live in peace somewhat until their services are required by the Empire.