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  1. *ï†ï* Monkey Business *ï†ï* †¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤†¤† `'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´ Several weeks have passed with no word from the Grand Pyramid, or rather, the Pharaoh himself. Public appearances have gone from rare to non-existent in recent days and the only one that has been seen has been Cain. Though things have become more silent since Cain has left to Waiko to search for Divinus. Inside the Pharaoh’s chamber, Dayan was slumped over his desk looking very much pale and weak. “You’re not looking too good Dayan.” Ridley appeared inside the room and helped Dayan sit up. She sat down on a chair nearby and stared at him for a few seconds before continuing, “I’m not a bad person you know, I never was until the war came unto our lands.” Dayan would look at her blankly, he stirred up the energy to speak. “Father told me of his brother, how he sailed off one day and never returned without a word of where he was.” He took a moment to catch his breath and continued, “Khagan Khaiju despite being deformed, looked a lot like my father.” Ridley would look down, now connecting the dots of her odd family history. She had taken the name of her mother and so has her father, but her father's true last name had always been a topic of no discussion. She herself was half human and half siren and so was Dayan and thus it dawned on both of them…they were cousins. ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•., The two would be the only two known members of the Itsu family. Could it be possible that more are out there after the Skull attack on Goshima? For now, that did not matter, Ridley had gotten up and embraced the only family she had left. This for Ridley is very odd to show such emotion, for much of her life has been dedicated to the Death Lotus which has hardened her heart to stone. Dayan also felt much joy to know he wasn’t alone after twelve years. The family reunion had to be cut short for Dayan had a mission for Ridley out in the desert. Dayan reorganized his papers and took out one old scroll to the top of the stack. He signaled Ridley to have a look at the parchment. “As you know, there is a monkey colony just north in the middle of the desert, I want to help the colony growth in the name of Apmeken. It has been rumored that Apmeken has been seen once more and her senses restored. It would give us a good favor if we helped the colony expand. They will, however, remain autonomous, they will simply receive aid from the empire.” Puzzled, Ridley stood up, “And you are telling me this why?” Dayan scrolled up the parchment and put it to the side. “Everyone else is mostly busy and I cannot expose that I am Ill at this current moment. You, however, seem to have free time.” Ridley was surprised at the motion, she has never been entrusted with anything other than security detail or assassinations. But why would he trust her with such a diplomatic mission? ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•., She looked towards the doorway that leads to the balcony, “Very well, I will see what I can do, and fret not, I will not harass or intimidate… perhaps my people, er, monkey skills can do with some work.” Before she left, Dayan had her send word to the Workers district about another building contract along with a large sack of gold to pay them for their work. She took the contracts and the gold and left the Pyramid into the blazing desert sun. Perhaps not everything is so bad after all she thought to herself as she made her way to the Workers district. The once slums of the city have over time turned into a housing area for paid workers ever since slavery was abolished. Batal has since become head of the workers union, this is who Ridley would have to speak to about the contracts along with pay. “Ah well then, I see the Pharaoh, at last, has work for us to do…hmm, hand it here girl.” Batal took the parchment from Ridley and read over the orders. ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•., Dear Batal, I wish to inform you that I have several contracts for you and your workers to complete. Along with this letter, I have a large sum of gold for the worker's initial pay and the rest will be handed over once the work is finished. As usual, please ensure the workers have enough water and food, the desert heat outside the city is much different than that within. Other projects are listed for the Arc, thus a ship is ready for your workers to set sail to the designated spots of construction. Please Read over and the supplies, of course, will be supplied. • A monument dedicated to Zaros shall be erected at Jaldraocht Pyramid • A monument dedicated to Apmeken shall be erected at the monkey colony • A Bamboo cutting Guild shall be built in Tuai Leit • A Divination Guild shall be built in Sophanem • A Watchtower is to be built on Goshima to aid in repelling Skull pirates The Supplies Carts are ready to transport everything at your command. Thank you dear friend, and keep me updated. -Dayan Itsu Pharaoh of the Wushanko Empire ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•., She had put away the rest in her bag, left the owner a generous tip and continued on to the monkey colony. But, her magic carpet was missing. “Who…stole…it” she quickly got the attention of the locals as her eyes began glowing a bright green with anger. A woman came up to Ridley and told her she saw a group of thugs take it and went north-west of the town. Furious, Ridley began running in that direction, it wouldn’t be long until she caught up them. “I should have known…” a group of desert bandits could be seen attempting to get on the carpet. “Hey morons! What do you think you are doing…” Ridley still fuming that someone would steal from her. The most muscular one looked at her and laughed, “Ha! And what are you going to do little girl? I suggest you just go back and continue cooking your dinner you pathetic, worthless WOMAN.” The other two scrawny looking bandits laughed at the joke. “How dare you!” she screamed these words as she lunged at the group, her katana at the ready. Her first attack struck the neck of the smallest bandit. Blood sprayed across the white sand. Ridley’s face was now crazed with anger, her eyes widened and locked on the beefiest looking bandit. “No, please, forgive us! Spare us! We will return your carpet!” He and the other collapsed on the ground next to the body of their fallen friend pleading for mercy. Ridley’s eyes returned to normal, and she sheathed her sword. “If I find that you are still committing criminal offenses, hope that you don’t see me again. I am the last one you want to cross. ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•., She looked at the body of the fallen bandit, blood trickling from the deep wound in his neck. “Don’t commit a crime if you do not wish to lose your life, bandits are hunted down and sent to jail or possibly killed to keep the desert safe for inhabitant and travelers. Give him a proper burial, don’t just leave him to the vultures.” She got on the carpet and began flying to the monkey colony, leaving the shaken bandits behind her. It was only a few minutes until she finally reached the small colony of monkeys. There she met with Iwazaru, Kikazaru, and Mizaru. “Hello, my name is Ridley No-“ she quickly thought to herself, no…no more. “My name is Ridley Itsu of the Wushanko Empire, and I bring an offer from the Empire.” “Is that so then” Mizaru would say, “What did she say!” Kikazaru said, while Iwazaru simply nodded. “Er…yes. She handed the letter to Kikazaru who would be able to read it…at least hopefully. “Hm, these seem like a very generous offer that would help us expand our tiny camp.” Kikazaru passed the letter to Iwazaru. Ridley would nod, “Yes, and you would remain autonomous.” Iwzazaru nodded but Kikazaru simply yelled, “What did she say!”. Mizaru who was hearing the conversation agreed that it would be beneficial. Confused, Ridley continued, “So, will you three agree to be under the empires banner but stand as an autonomous claim?” Iwazaru nodded, Kikazaru said “What did she say!” and Mizaru also agreed in which Kikazaru figured out what was going on and agreed as well. ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•., Joyous that she accomplished her mission she responded back in writing to save her time while also reading it to them that supplies and aid will arrive to help expand on their order. She then called on her hawk with a letter to the Pharaoh of her success. Dear Dayan, All went extremely well here at the monkey colony. It was difficult though and gladly I brought an enchanted amulet in which I may speak to them. They had agreed to join under the empires banner as an autonomous claim so long as we help then expand while we get access to some resources in the area. I must thank you for trusting me with this. Though, my trip was without incident, I will explain when I arrive back to Menaphos. Sincerely, Ridley Itsu p.s. Hope you don’t mind me taking up the proper name. She tied the letter onto the leg of the hawk and sent it off. She got on the carpet and decided to go back to Pollnivneach and find a room to stay for the night before returning home. So much has changed the past few days… but then she remembered her plot against Cain… she was beginning to have second thoughts about taking over the Shadows of Blight. She placed her hat on the nightstand and her boots on the side of the bed along with her katana. She laid down on the bed looking at the ceiling with thoughts running through her thought. Within a few minutes, she finally fell asleep, the full moons light shining through the red velvet curtains. The nocturnal animals of the desert roaming about, but overall, a peaceful night. ,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,`'°«„†„»°'´,.•°“*ï†ï*“°•.,