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Found 2 results

  1. Name: Tenebrae Eon Alias: Yami Izrail Clan: Wushanko Empire Race: Avernic Demon (Fury) Gender: Male Age: Over 6000 Born: Year 42 of the second age Birthplace: Senntisten Residences: Senntisten (Zaros's throne room), Jaldraocht Pyramid (Primary Residence) Appearance: If seen often in Zarosian Shadow Robes. Personality: A bit unpredictable, Tenebrae has a mischievous streak to him, but can be deadly serious if needed to. Alignment: Neutral Allegiance: Zaros, Wushanko Empire Equipment: Sunspear {Relic from a bygone age} Zarosian Shadow Robes/Praetor Armor {Unifrom from time as a Praetor) Ancient Staff {Gift from Azzanadra} Shadow Dragoon Armor/Spear {Currupted dragonrider armor, from prolonged exposure to the shadow plane, gift from the Zarosian Dragon Riders for his respect to the dragons} Completed ancient spellbook (previous goal), and the ancient prayer scrolls (curses) Goal: Currently just observing the state of the world NPC allies: Zaros {God of inner balance and darkness} Azzanadra {Pontifex Maximus under Zaros} Nightingale {A formerly black dragon with mind reading abilities, that has adapted to the Shadow Plane}(#blamelali) Phantom {A shadow drake sent by Nightingale to watch over Yami} Darklight {A bloodpouncer companion to watch over Yami, from Zaros} Quarks: Ability to shadow walk (freely move in and out of the Shadow Plane), that was taught to him by Sliske Social Status/Titles: The power behind rulers Praefectus Praetorio of Zaros (took over when Sliske got the boot) Spymaster of Varrock (former) Adviser of Wushanko Empire Other Information: Married Raine Izrail. Backstory: Born in the Zarosian Empire capital city of Senntisten. Tenebrae trained under the Praetorius branch of Zaros's empire. After several missions working under Sliske, he raised up through the ranks and to gain his allegiance, Sliske taught Tenebrae to walk through the shadows to increase his effectiveness.One of his more notable missions included severance of the Icyenic city of Hallowvale, where he met Raine Izrail, an Icyene trainee, who was somehow able to sense Tenebrae even while in the shadows. After a while of toying with the young Icyene, the two had a few conversations, and upon realizing that Tenebrae was only after collecting information about there not being any attacks directed toward the Zaros Empire, Raine helped him see that her faction was not an enemy. The two got closer over the centuries, until the betrayal of Zamorak, and Tenebrae had to go into hiding. After a few millennia, Tenebrae managed to return to his home of Senntisten, after the destruction of the vile city of Saranthium, and discovered a new kingdom had built over the ancient ruins. Tenebrae continued his work as an information collected under Prince Kite Sumane. On a subjugation mission under the tyrannical leadership of King Lali, who was attempting to dragon-nap an egg from it's mother, Tenebrae joined in and managed to soothe the mother's rage, and allowed her to watch over her offspring from the shadows. Tenebrae managed to locate the Temple that Azzanadra had run, and got in contact with him in order to rebuild it and reestablish connection with Zaros. Following Zaros's instructions, Tenebrae assisted and reviving his lost leader.
  2. Character name: Cain Izrail, the Fool Aliases: Cain Dundragon, The Epic Fool, The Usurper (formerly), Khagan Cain (formerly), Pharoah (formerly) Clan: Wushanko Empire Gender: Male Age: 23 Birthplace: Jatizso Languages: Common, Fremennik Appearance: Cain is almost always seen in his trademark yellow-and-red jester outfit. He is a man with unkempt reddish hair (that is ocassionally dyed partially blond to match the outfit, or for comedic effect). Although it may seem at first like he neglects his appearance, he is always clean-shaven. His eyes have a tint of hazel to them. He has a charming smile and a whimsical voice, though some take him to just be yet another crazy person. When he was Pharaoh, he wore golden robes to try and appear more formal when in public, but that time has passed. Personality: Cain is a stereotypical optimist. He firmly believes that there is a positive side to any situation. To Cain, making a joke about something that seems bad is a much better (and funnier) way to deal with it than just moping about it. Kingdoms could literally crumble around him, and he’d see the bright side of things (ironically, this has happened twice to him). Cain’s experience as a fool for several nobles has made him believe that those who can control perspective can actually make changes in the world. To this regard, he likes to use humor to point out the problems and inconsistencies around him. Cain prefers being witty and clever over being polite, especially to those he isn’t fond of. He also loves a good pun. Allegiances: The Powerful, Agile, Intelligent, and Good-looking Emperor of the Menaphite Empire, of course! (only 3 of those descriptors are correct, I’ll let you find out for yourself which is wrong). V. Cain really admired V for his cleverness and skill with magic. To Cain, V was a hero and an inspiration, not a god. (Just a shame that he’s dead…) The people of the Fremmenik Isles. Though his home will never be quite the same to Cain after seeing the rest of Gielinor, Cain wouldn’t want anything bad to befall the place where he had old childhood friends. Quirks: Cain distrusts most of the “standard” Gods from Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin (i.e. no Saradomin/Zamorak/Armadyl) Cain says that he "can't see" Zaros, Seren is "too shiny," Armadyl is "too high up", and Brassica Prime is "too green." Has a habit of making bad jokes and puns Finds the East really strange, but at the same time, really fascinating When Cain finds something funny, but wants to keep it to himself, he can’t kept but let out a giggle or two. Backstory: Cain was a fool in a court of the last known Fremennik kingdom that fell into disarray in the northern Fremennik isles as of late. In this Kingdom he served as the personal fool to the King of Miscellania, a job that most would find distasteful. One day, Cain went too far with his jests, insulting the King, who (as punishment) sent him on an expedition to Ghorrock, where it was freezing cold. Unwittingly, during the expedition, Cain released a Zarosian army that was frozen in the ice, and they were honor-bound to aid the Miscellanians, though the Zarosians took a leading role in the new Kingdom. The Kingdom conquered many lands – from the wilderness to Cain’s home, the Fremennik isles. This army was inevitably defeated, and Cain took refuge on Lunar Isle. During this time, he grew a fondness for magic - something that was discouraged when he lived in the Fremennik Isles. He spent his time with other mages, learning basic spells at first (he had a fondness for noncombat spells). While others viewed magic as a destructive force, Cain was more of a dabbler – he liked to learn a spell for fun or utility, not to harm others. This drew him to become more interested in the Lunar spells. Cain underwent a trial with the Oneiromancer (as was the custom) where he was supposed to end the trial by defeating himself in combat. Cain beat the trial through a technicality, because his own copy was not much of a combatant and thought it would be funnier if they just messed with the conditions of the trial. A short period after, Cain was found by The Khagan on the shores of Lunar Isle when he was exploring the isles of the West. Of course, he was not truly Khagan at the time - he believed that it was his right, and that one day, he would conquer the eastern isles. Cain was quick to point out that, much as he was a fool for a Kingdom that does not exist, the Khagan was a ruler of a Kingdom that does not exist. The Khagan smirked, and then said that his Kingdom simply did not exist yet, and that Cain would inevitably serve in it. In reality, the Khagan needed an advisor - someone who had seen the West and its various Kingdoms, someone who had lived there and knew how their leaders ticked. Cain is the Khagan’s lens for seeing the west. Since the southern Desert was conquered by the Wushanko Empire, Cain was appointed as the new Khagan in the Arc. This has caused him to adopt a more serious role for a time, but it didn't pan out very well. The position of Khagan was dissolved, as it was considered to be a remnant of the old, brutal system of leadership in the Arc, and the Viziers rose to power instead. Cain was appointed to be the Vizier of Menaphos, and he was tasked with advising the new Pharaoh on matters concerning the desert region. When Dayan created the position of Emperor, Cain was elevated to Pharaoh, much to Cain's displeasure. (This appointment was ended when Cain was possessed by a demon known as Xelron, who ended up causing a civil war.) In the recent past, Cain discovered that he is the son of Raine and Yami Izrail - making him rather unique in terms of bloodline. He has not retained any of the obvious signs of Icyene or demonic heritage, but he has an affinity for magic and energy that is akin to his heritage. He has spent some time studying Ancient Magicks under his father, and he has learned some of the more rudimentary Smoke spells.