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Found 9 results

  1. Lucilius Sadon is the head of the House and is an expert at magic pertaining to souls. He has been a subject of interest to the Galashiel brothers who have requested his help to undo the rituals of Vivian and her occultists. Kria Sadon is the youngest of the Sadon siblings. Kria is Tobias' left hand and is known to fight ferociously to defend her homeland. Gwenith Sadon, the daughter of Malle Sadon. She was raised more so by Kria and Lucilius and feels comfortable around her aunt and uncle.
  2. House Vernizin has been known as a family of Diviners or Seers. Damien, Hunfray and Tibalt are the last known Seers of this powerful clairvoyant family. However, Astrid, better known as Roselyn, is the black sheep of the family and her magic manifested as plant-based magic. The family has been loyal to the kingdom for generations and has made sacrifices for the betterment of the family, but this family was often at odds with the old church.
  3. Rothrich was originally the family that was the stepping stone as far as businesses in Ardougne are concerned. The family's role in the earliest years was the family known for keeping tabs on the finances of the kingdom. They often were on edge with the Keaton family. Nowadays, Bryan has been left to his own devices in Seers as duke and Elizabeth has caused some trouble and both have stained the family name. Melina, the eldest child of the Rothrich, was called back from her studying abroad as well as military training. As the new heiress for the family inheritance she disowned her younger siblings and exiled them from Seers.
  4. The Galashiel Family has been the left hand of the Landon Family and close allies to the Markinswell Family. While the Markinswell Family produced warriors for the kingdoms, the Galashiel Family were scholars and mages of the Arcane. The earlier education facilities were spear headed by the earlier generations of the Galashiels and it was this family that founded the Magical Council which originated in Kandarin.
  5. The Markinswell familiy have been around for as long as the Landon Family has. Legends go that the founder of the family was the best friend of the first King of Ardougne who was a Landon. The Markinswell family is notorious for being a family of swordsmen and swordswomen and most have been the knights and elite knights of the Landon, serving without question.
  6. House Landon has been the ruling family of Ardougne for generations. The Landon family has splintered on occasion over the years, but ultimately the rulers in place held the kingdom stable with the supporting families: Galashiel, Vernizin, Rothrich, Markinswell, Keaton, Vermillion, and Durassard. Rulers had pulled a member of each of the houses to be a part of the Royal Council, but when Vivian married into the family, that tradition had fallen away when she started placing her own people in the Council.